Welcome to a Small Snail Romance in the Big City

This version of PONG was made to evoke the feeling of a casual romantic snail date at a small cafe in the middle of the city. The background music is a laid back beat surrounded with the noise of clattering plates and the chattering of other cafe goers. The paddle and wall sounds are there mimick a conversation the snails in the background would have. Bouncing the heart ball back and forth in a dialogue between the two lovers is a delightful snail bloop. Missing a move restults in a slimey dissonant pang.

The up and down arrows control the paddle on the right; w + s control the paddle on the left.



W/S – move left paddle up/down
cursor up/down – move right paddle up/down
R - reset
1 – cycle right paddle computer control
2 – toggle left paddle mouse control
M – toggle mute sound
N/B – volume up/down (0–10)

Computer control is OFF
Mouse control is OFF
Mute is false
Volume is 5 out of 10